Design your construction with modern 3D presentation methods. Because the design is the A and Z for the correct implementation of the construction.


Engraving on all materials based on a design. In this way we can create an impressive result that will last forever. Engrave your personal items or gifts for your loved ones.

AR (augment reality) on demand

Presentation of a 3D designed object-thing in your space in real time and dimensions. Now with this new technology we can present you the new evolution of construction presentation.


Implementation of your construction, with the most modern production methods, in which the basic rule is the final finishing of the constructions.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting on the new state-of-the-art machine us. We provide you with comprehensive services in the area of cutting and engraving in all kinds of material with laser, undertaking the design and implementation of your idea.

VR (virtual reality) on demand

Presentation of a 3D designed object-thing in a digital 3D replica of your space. So you can navigate through it in real time and dimensions.


Installation of constructions at your place by our specialized staff, with the most modern and specialized tools in our industry.

Reconstruction - Modification

Reconstruction and modification of any construction based on your new needs. Always maintaining the best possible aesthetic performance.

The privately owned facilities of our company are based in Perea, Thessaloniki

Our company was founded in 1989 by Vargiami Dimitrios and until today is a pioneer in the field of metal constructions.

Following all modern production methods (cnc fiber laser, laser welding, fiber grinding, powder coating, am engraving) our company can carry out any challenge – construction assigned to it.

Our company undertakes constructions worldwide.

All constructions are made to order, and are unique

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Quality in construction

VARGIAMIS guarantee

All our constructions carry a lifetime guarantee.


Our company chooses to work with the most reliable companies in the industry.
Our aim is to find you the best possible price at the best possible quality.


Our company gives a great basis, in the research and development of all production processes, as well as in the application of new materials in our constructions.



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